Date of Mating

Pneuma Kai is my current stud. He is a red and white medium-long rough coated Bc. He came from ST Clair Missouri. his parentage mother is a tri-color merle, and his parentage father is lilac and white. Both of Pneuma parents have multi-colored eye. both Pneuma's parentage come with an ABCA registry full clear panel health and genetics, and OFA CERT. Akela is my current dam. she is a medium rough coated Bc. Her parentage father is a traditional BLK/WHT medium rough coat, and her parentage mother is a BLK/WHT TRI also medium rough coated. Akela breeder is also local to Wa state located in Shelton (White Roads Border Collies.) 

Akela Noe Koa comes with clear full panel through Paw Genetics, and WSU clearences, OFA certified, and ABCA/ CBCA registry. 

Pneuma Kai registry is through ABCA which I have on hand, DNA health panel tested through Paw-Genetics, he will be OFA cerified upon reaching the age of 2 years, but is clear through parentage.