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  • Bent Creek Border Collie (Pneuma Kai) Male Stud

    Bent Creek Border Collie (Pneuma Kai) Male Stud


  • Akela Noe Koa

    Akela Noe Koa

  • White Roads Border Collie (Akela Noe Koa) Dam

    White Roads Border Collie (Akela Noe Koa) Dam


What I have learned above and beyond everything else is how incredibly important bloodlines are, I knew to make sure that I would only use the best bloodlines. The results have been nothing short of outstanding. I know that my dogs will stand up with the best this country can offer. Another thing that I strongly believe in is that the first eight weeks of a pup’s life are the most crucial. I will only have one litter at a time, so I am able to spend a lot of time with the pups in each stage of their life while here with me at (MMBC).  I observe each pup closely in personality and working ability to make sure each pup match appropriately with its new owner and lifestyle. To give the best start possible, I handle and interact with each pup daily starting at birth. As they grow older and are able, they are taken on walks daily allowing them to run, explore, play. My pups are loved and cared for, giving such a wonderful experience.  I take the time to start leash training and they are crate trained before leaving to go to their new home. (MMBC) pups are also adapted to traveling in a vehicle and socialized. I give them the best start possible which carries on with the pups to their new home and new life. Each pup will be health checked by my vet and vaccinations are giving by the vet also.  They are started on a de-worming program early in life, again giving the pups the best start possible. All Misty Mountain Border Collies (MMBC) are registered with the American Border Collie Association. They also may be registered with the American Kennel Club.